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Very sick girlfriend, need help. Drugs going through body super quickly

My girlfriend is in the hospital and has gotten all the disorders in the book since she got in there, the doctors is running lots of tests but we're at a standstill and she has cancer in her ribs right now which we've faught for idk how long. When she does chemo, she has to take the chemo over several hours, she did it over 7 hours because of 1 as other people would. And she drops weight very fast. I'd like some help or ideas to figure out what this can be. They are working very hard at the hospital to figure it out, but outside help might push us in the right direction.

My girlfriend has lifelong nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy.
She Suffered water on the brain, got a shunt.
She has a vagus nerve stimulator for her epilepsy.
She has a pacemaker to regulate her heart.
She has relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
She has stage one lymphoma with spreading to her bones.
She had a total hystorectomy with bilateral removal of her ovaries.
She has mast cell activation disorder.
She has Ehlers Danlos Syndrom
She has suffered dumping syndrom.
She has a feeding tube.
She suffered mild liver shutdown in her past.
She sufferes occasional bradycardia (low heart rate).
She suffers from Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar episodes)
She is being treated for Hyperthyroidism, and is considered under control.
She had brain surgery to remove lesions from her MS, which caused her seizures to be less frequent and less severe.

Thanks for any input or attempt to help, maybe we can crack this case together!
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I missed some important details.

She tried to have chemo regularily at first, she got very very sick and her liver almost gave in. She she ended up having to do lower doses, but still got very sick, when she did it over several hours however, her body reacted as anyone normally would.
Pain meds gets burnt through very fast too. Any meds for that matter.
She is dropping weight rapidly.
It seems her functions is all super fast.

The main issue is that the cancer keeps reapearing in her ribs, she has done chemotherapy, radiationtherapy, radiation injection therphy, immunotherapy. But it always comes back to her ribs.

So the issue is her cancer coming back, and the rapid metabolism of her meds, and her body weight dropping fast. the weight seems to be mostly on the inside of her body.
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