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What could this be????

I am a 46 year old female; always in good health till a year ago.  About 9 months ago I started experiencing wrist pain (left) - like when I would reach back for my seat belt to put it on.  As time as progressed I have started having and aching type pain in my whole arm and shoulder.  My hands are swollen in between my knuckles, I have what looks to be a Ganglion cyst and the bone on the outside of my wrist is swollen.  Also when I hold both arms up in front of my face you can see the tendon or ligament or whatever it is on my left arm is swollen.  I have had test for RA and Lupus but they came back negative.  I have also had a Doppler ran for a blood clot (none found) and just regular x-rays (nothing found).  I do not have insurance so running MRIs and higher dollar test are not something I can do at this time.  Before this the only 2 issues I have ever had was migraines and occasion psoriasis.  I had a large patch of psoriasis on my knew from about 5 to 25.  At 25 I had a dr help me get rid of it.  Since then I have only had a couple of small patches but very easily controlled.  I am only bringing that up because I do know that there is an arthritis that stems from psoriasis but I have had so few bouts of it as an adult I just not sure if it is relevant, especially since I had my first episode for 20 years before getting a handle on it.  But now I have started having pain in my right wrist.  I am a little worried that if I don't figure this out soon and fix it I won't be able to get it fix.  Has anyone else heard of this?  I am in constant pain but still bearable on most days but I am definitely getting worried.
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What other symptoms are present? Wrist pain may be attributed to sprain, strain, tendinitis, bursitis and arthritis. There are many types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs with age and overuse while rheumatoid arthritis generally affects both wrists. Psoriatic arthritis accompanies psoriasis. It is best that you check with your doctor especially with you history of psoriasis. Take care and do keep us posted.
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