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What do I have? Help!

Good morning,
Since English is not my first tongue, if I made mistakes you don't understand the following descriptions, please ask.
This is my story: I have never suffered any particular problems apart from Gilbert's syndrome; but since I gave birth two years ago, I started to have pains, and pains have begun to increase.
At first I thought they were due to mom's efforts: raising the baby, sleeping little, etc.

But now that I have a quieter life, pains continue to grow.

The pains are:
-to the hands
-back (all back bones)

Mainly the pain radiates from the joints.
I'm  1.78 m high (5.84 feet), weight 60kg (132 lbs), 36 years old, I have always been sporting; for this I am very surprised and scared. If these pains continue then these aches will come to the point of making me invalid.
I did some visits and some analyzes (see below) but it does not seem to be explained. I even thought it was a psychological problem, but with painkillers the pain goes by. Is it my mind joking me?

This is the list of the only not standard values of my analysis:
* x-ray basin: asymmetry of the iliac wings
* x-ray lumbosacral column: small left femoral osteophyte cephalic, slight reduction in the amplitude of the last two disc spaces
*  x-ray knee radius: areas of second degree chondromalacia on rotular sputum
* hands ultrasound: Initial subluxation on the radial slope of the first clear bilateral metacarpus on the right
* blood tests with results of attention:
** Vitamin D: 27.9 ng / ml
** Ab anti-nucleus ANA: present 1:80 dotted
** globules white: 3.95 thousand / mcL
** APTT ratio: 1.18
** Creatinine 0.89 mg / dL
** Ferritin: 6ng / ml
** ALFA 1 glycoprotein: 44.2 mg / dL
** normal hormones
** Antibody titre 4.6 (normal 0-20)
** Rheumatoid factor 10 (normal 0-30)

Another symptom is that for several years, 1-4 times a year I see a rush on the entire trunk and then disappears in 1-2 days. (is it Lupus?)
Another symptom is the swollen hands in the morning, the wedding ring no longer enters.
All this does not explain the strong pain, some days if I touch my fingers almost yell. Other days I can not get up from bed for pain.
What other examinations should I do?
Do you recommend a CT scan?
Or a magnetic resonance? Or other?
Ideas? Suggestions?
Can be a chronic chikungunya?
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Hmm, your English is fine and you probably don't need more tests at the present time.

Sero-negative Rheumatoid Arthritis would explain a lot of your symptoms.

Your Vitamin D levels are too low (despite what Lab ranges may indicate or what many doctors may concur) .
For healthy functioning of the body you need 50-70 ng/mg
Low levels affect calcium metabolism and ... hundreds of  important biological processes!
If you are supplementing, you also need magnesium and vitamin K2 supplementation, otherwise the calcium would be doing more damage than good.  You don't want calcium to calcify your soft tissues. You want it to go to the bones, joints and teeth, right?
Vit. D is fat soluble, so make sure you have adequate fat in your diet and also when supplementing make sure there's fat (good fat) in your meals.
The low APTT ratio indicates perhaps low blood thinning capacity, so you may want to look into taking more garlic, Omega 3s, more nuts and other foods rich in vitamin E.

Your ferritin levels are low. If you are vegetarian consider a good iron supplement. I have heard (no personal experience) Floradix in liquid form is fairly efficient. I don't know if available in Italy.
If not a vegetarian, consume more iron-rich foods,
like red meat (natural and pastured) and eggs from free-range farm chicken.

What hormonal tests did you get?
Many of these tests are flawed and results not always reliable.

Finally, your border line normal-low BMI might be problematic for you, should your fat percentage  be too low.  if lower than 20% you should be aware that it could be a  factor in Osteoporosis, organ shrinkage, lower hormonal production and other serious complications.

The above is only for information purposes and  not a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes,
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