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What would be a rough diagnosis for my joint problems?

I have had joint problems ever since I reached the age of 12 years. The first symptoms began with severe pain in my left heel. When consulting a specialist, I discovered that my tendon had actually ripped a part of my growth plate from my heel. I was diagnosed with tendinitis by this doctor and was told that it would go away by the time I was done growing. However, this has not been the case at all. Over time, the feeling has spread and intensified. First my right knee, then my left. At this point, all of my Joints, aside from my spine, have experienced the same pain. Furthermore, as the pain spreads, I have no doubt that the local area has at least been fractured. Having broken bones before, including in the first case mentioned, I have been able to accurately determine if I have broken a bone or not (generally through assessing my body's reaction of sharp, deep, and then numb pain).

To continue, my tendons without a doubt are involved in this process as before any break or intensification the entire tendon tightens overtime until a sort of painful release. I have has bloodwork done and my rheumatoid count does not indicate any abnormalities. I do have hyper-flexibility, but not so to the extent that would be particularly demonstrative of a syndrome like EDS. At the areas that recently are over-used or broken, there is often a bruise, most typically at the knees. Muscle tension is also observed, but most likely due to pain than anything else. My pain is chronic and difficult to reduce when my symptoms flare up.

I also have depression and anxiety disorders, which may be indicators of further problems.

I am likely to believe that my problem is hereditary as my mother also has similar symptoms, if to a different degree. She has hypermobility comparable to mine but does not have the joint issues. Instead, she has spinal problems primarily of the neck and lower back. This may be unrelated, I am unsure. My mother also has depressive symptoms. Her pain is ar less chronic or intense, but we both do manage chronic migraines.

I have no other health problems in my history. I am of good musculoskeletal health and my father's family has no history of these symptoms, nor does my mother's (aside from my mother, naturally).
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