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Why are my fingers red?

For a while now, my fingers have been bright red. When I press on my fingers, the redness disapears for a few seonds, and then returns. I find that when I life my arms up, the colour returns to normal, almost as though all the blood is rushing out of them. And if I lower my arms by my sides, my fingers on both hands turn bright red, almost as though gravity is making blood flow and fill up in them. There is absolutely no pain when this happens, but I was wondering if it could still  be Erythromelalgia. Or maybe it is chilblains, or Raynaud's? I have also always had really sweaty hands (excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis), and wonder if this could be related? Does anyone have this condition? Has anyone got rid of it? I am 15 years old, male, and really embarassed by these conditons.
Thanks for your help
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