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i think i have adhd what do i do?
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How are you? No single test can lead to a diagnosis of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is best that you  see your doctor for proper evaluation and to rule out other possibilities for the symptoms. The criteria for the ADHD diagnosis should be met. Take care and do keep us posted.
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wen i was a small child, i was diagnosed with add/adhd/odd but with doctors attentoin im a completely normal person and im about to start uni. im now 18, have managed a resturant ect.
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try calming your thoughts and keep a daily journal as well as alams on when to get things done in case you forget avoid sodas and diet sodas especially after 6pm and anything containing red dye as it can make you hyper active. get a good nights sleep at least 8 hours nightly and when studying carry a highlighter of you favorite color outline key words and phrases so you don't get all that excess junk in your head. read up on medication carefully before taking it as some docs get an incentive for overprescribing and it also never hurts to get a seconds opinion on your diagnosis, Obtain a copy of the DXM the diagnosis book for disorders both modern and pre modern versions to see if and when you do have a diagnosis to see if this really suits your persona and traits. if you think you really have the disorder as many times, in such cases. There are people who utilize energy more effectively as youngsters and simply have more energy. Ask others for a reality check those close to you but not necessarily too close if possible, maybe a close friend but don't make your question too intense as this may scare some people away. lastly find a relaxing hobby that may help you to calm down and try keeping yourself away from known distractions if you are in a place that requires your full attention. try timing yourself on how long you can focus (there are also certain exercises that help the mind) eventually you sill train yourself to focus for longer amounts of time. See how long it takes before you burn our that way when you plan a social outtting or have a study session of some kind you know what time your mental clock wears down, as I have noticed this helps for better planning.
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