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daily debilitating headaches

I am a 20 year old female who suffered a TBI in March of 2008 (concussion, short term memory loss-nothing horrendously serious).  After getting back into the swing of things, I seemed fine, I was fine.  Then about 8 months ago I started having daily horrible headaches (first in no central location, just all over pain), "wavery" vision, nausea and weight loss (about 10-15lbs in 2 months).  Within the past 3 months I have been able to pin point my exact location of pain, it's extremely sharp (near my right temple/eyebrow), with constant background pain.  Everyone I had seen told me "migraines" - I have migraines around menstruation, these are no migraine.

My prior CT's and MRI's told me nothing of value, but I haven't had any recently because I no longer have insurance.  I have been trying alternative forms of medicine, regularly seeing a chiropractic/homeopathic specialist who is a certified bio-cranial doctor.  He told me that I had a "jammed" sphenoid, due to the injury back in 2008.  This seemed like a definite diagnoses/solution, but after months of constantly "resetting"  my sphenoid, nothing has changed for the better.

I am still suffering from daily debilitating headaches, "wavery" vision and nausea (w/o vomiting).

Looking for any help I can get

Thank you
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My first thought is what meds are you taking as I do know a lot have side effects , so check that out also any supplements as they can also have an effect.mixed with the meds.
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I am not currently on any medications.  I was given naproxen and vicodin for the headaches at first, but haven't been taking anything but OTC pain relievers for months.

I was on, (but haven't been taking for weeks) fish oil and magnesium (but only for a few days, months ago).  I was just recently given FC-Cidal and Dysbiocide - having been told that it could have been an issue with my stomach.  I took those for about two weeks and they didn't agree with my stomach very well and gave me diarrhea.
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Forgot to mention in first post, I have been noticing that occasionally things will sound as though I am wearing headphones, very muted.  It will last maybe 20 seconds followed by a ringing which then disappears shortly after.  Happens more so when my headaches are the worst.
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How are you? With TBI, the potential to cause significant, long-lasting disability is present .Your headaches and tinnitus (ear noise) may be a result of this previous trauma.  If medical treatment is not helping, you may need the stronger prescription drugs. A CT scan will also help determine the possible cause. You can also try biofeedback therapy if other forms of alternative medicine is not effective. Take care and do keep us posted.
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