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daughters Illness

My daughter went to the doc yesterday. She was haveing stabing pain in the right side of her head. all the glands in her throat are swollen,she has a bad soar throat. and when the doc shown a light into her left eye she got sever pain in her right eye and head . And she said her ears were so plugged that she didnt now how she could hear.She was given two shots of atibiotic and a scrpt. and has to get blood work done. Do you have any Idea what could be going on with her? The doc thinks it could be somtthing serious.
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How is your daughter? What were the results of the laboratory tests? Was there also an imaging study done?  Sore throat and ear congestion may suggest an infection which can easily be treated with antibiotics. A referral to an ophthalmologist or neurologist may also be done. If there was no history of head trauma, primary headaches such as cluster headache may need to be ruled out since this can also present with headache and eye pain. Take care and do keep us posted.
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