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desperate to get better :(

In feb this year I started to feel like I had had the flu for a month, I had EXTREME fatigue. I was convinced I just was run down but I couldn't function.

* early march, it was the second day of my period and I was in unusually severe pain, severe nausea( my periods were much improved the last year or so). I visited my doc after passing a blood clot the size of a golf ball. My period was extremely heavy also. He gave me painkillers and told me to visit hospital if things got worse.

* the next night I had a chocolate coated ice-cream and literally as I was eating it all I could taste was metal. I had a friend try it and they said it was fine. 5 seconds later I started vomiting for about an hour non stop. I got severe pain in the same location on my left side and felt like it was the worst pain of my entire life. I was rushed to hospital and given morphine. They did blood tests and found a white cell count of 21. My kidney function was below 60 so they gave me antibiotics for a kidney infection.  

* for a month after discharge my symptoms got increasingly worse. The antibiotics did not help. I got very high fevers over 38, my blood was measured at the doc to be 160 on top. My heart palpitations were extreme and I would wake up drenched in sweat with severe nausea, shaking badly and wanting to vomit.  

* My gp tried 5 different antibiotics as they did not know what was making me sick, and a second blood test showed normal kidney function (week after visiting)around this time I  I  went back on the gluten in April as the only food I could tolerate was bread and fruit ice blocks. my fevers went away after a course of flagyl (5th antibiotic they tried) - keflex and amoxicillin did nothing.

* I also did an ultrasound of both the reproductive and general abdomen. They found a 'slightly contracted' gallbladder which was of no concern to my doc. They also found two 1cm cysts on my liver, a 1cm cyst on my left kidney.  

* since then I've done multiple ct scans and ultrasounds with no findings. a ct in June showed the remnants of a small stone and I passed some stone crystals and blood in a urine test.

* I saw a gastro who gave me an endoscopy and colonoscopy and found only blastocystis a common parasite that doesn't usually cause such severe problems. I was treated with 5 weeks worth of antibiotics and the parasite tests came back negative. It has been more than 3months since my treatment and the nausea isn't gone.  

* I've had many blood tests - all have been Normal (I've had at least 7) the only findings were slightly low iron (I've always been low), vitamin d of only 12 and low zinc levels. My thyroid results the last 4 tests have showed a tsh of 40, 35, 0.14, 30 and currently returned to 0.45 I have seen an endocrinologist who doesn't believe this is significant ESP. Since at the onset of my 'mystery illness' my thyroid results were all normal.

* heart ultrasound

* since this incident I have been extremely sick, here is a summary of my symptoms in order of occurrence, up to fatigue are my everyday symptoms, the rest come and go:

*  severe consistent nausea - especially with bowel movements
* severe heart palpitations & flutter
* stabbing pain on left side and sore rib cage ( I can't sleep on it)
* chest pain
* neck pain
*sore throat  for an entire year now
* constant urge to poo but will only do small amounts sometimes 5 times a day (narrow stools) other days I will do 5 normal amounts but with semi soft stools
* severe fatigue
* mood swings
* bouts of insomnia that come and go
* entire body aches  
* always feeling hot
* fevers between 37.5 and 38 that come and go for 2 or 4 days and then go away.  
* chills
* sore lymph glands
* sore breasts  
* sensation of chest on fire with nausea
* headaches  
* 18 kilo weight loss
* breathlessness with exertion
* stomach cramps

At the moment my life is on hold, I can't work and although I'm being positive I'm getting increasingly more stressed because it seems like no one is willing to really take the time to listen to me. I believe that perhaps I have some underlying condition that's been responsible for all the health issues growing up and now. I'm fed up being sick and I just really want to be well, get off this roller coaster of illness and live a happy life.  

Thank you,
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