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digestive problems for months and no answer!

hi. i have many many digestive issues and its getting in the way of daily life. i had a chiari decompression surgery 3 years ago along with the removal of the odontoid process ( the bone your head pivots on) to make more room for my brain. about 3 weeks after i got home from the hospital i experienced bizzare symptoms. i feel extremley nauseated after anything and almost everything i eat. i also get a huge buildup of intestinal gas and the only way to relieve it is by belching. im wondering if the vagus nerve was possibly damaged during the surgery, i also had a basilar invagination which is where the odontoid process sticks out and puts pressure on the brain stem. anyway these symptoms are very upsetting and i would like to put an end to them soon. if anybody has any idea what could be going on that would be great. thank you!
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