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drop attcak, dilated pupils, what is this?

Symptoms :
I just lose consciousness .My head always feels cloudy or my tongue feels numb before I pass out. Usually I regain consciousness when I hit the ground. Occasionally if I try to get up, I will pass out again. This attack often happens if I have a fever or I am lack of sleep. Occasionally my pupils will dilate for a while after the drop attacks.
Occasionally eliciting pain can prevent the drop attacks. If  it works and I don’t lose consciousness, my heart will palpitate for a few minutes afterwards.

Tests done : an ECG, a holter monitor, echocardiogram, MRI of the brain,  video-EEG and tilt-table test

Test results : My echocardiogram shows that I have a mitral valve prolapse without regurgitation. My cardiologist has ruled out arrhythmias. There was a mild epileptic disturbance in only one of my EEG. Other test results are negative.

Questions :
1.Only one of my EEG was abnormal. I was conscious at that time and I felt that my head was much larger than what it should be. Was that an epileptic attack?
2.If the drop attack is vasovagal, is there anything I can do besides lying down as it is quite embarrassing to do that in public.
3.Sometimes  my tongue just feels numb for a few minutes, why is that?
4.Somtimes I experience double vision which can last for a few minutes to half an hour, why is that?

Thank you for your time and kindness
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