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edema in the face

Hi ,
I really need your help.I am a 17 year old girl who suffers from facial edema almost everyday. it for the past 3 years and it never seems to go away unless i exercise vigorously but comes back very shortly afterwards.
Recently I saw a product that contained vitamin E and jojoba oil which claimed to heal acne scars.
I bought it and broke the capsules and applied it on my face like the instructions said.
To my surprise immediately after I finished rubbing it in my edema dissapeared!
It remained like this the entire day so I continued to use the oil the following day as well.I kept it up for about 6 days and my edema had dissapeared!
I thought I had cured it so i stopped using it after that..a day after that it returned.
When I tried using the oil again it wouldn't work!!
I tired again a month later but no such luck..why is this happening?? and what do you think is the cause of my edema??

Please please please anyone who can please please help me!
I'm getting into depression as it completely changes the way i look and there is a huge difference in my appearence when theres no edema :(
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PLEASE contact my email at ***@**** as soon as you get this message.  I thought i was the only one in the world this happens to.  I want to speak with you.  The exact same thing is happeneing to me.  Write to me as soon as you get this please.
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I guess they will not let me give out my email:(  I am suffering from the exact same condition.  PLEASE reply to my medhelp account.  I too have been suffering from this for a long time so I understand your frustration.  
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How are you?  Faciual edema can be due to allergic reaction; Angioedema; Cellulitis; drug reactions, including those due to aspirin, penicillin, sulfa, glucocorticoids, etc; head, nose, or jaw surgery ; injury or trauma to the face; malnutrition or obesity and even tooth abscess. If cold compress do not work, raise the head of the bed or use extra pillows to reduce facial swelling.Further evaluation should also be done to rule out the differentials mentioned.  Take care and regards.
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Hi I totally understand I got this when I was 19 and didn't get a diagnose until I was 25. I went to the mayo clinic and they explained that there is too much toxins in my body and it can't get rid of them. That is why when you workout your face goes down your body is forcing the toxins out. I got food poisoning in mexico and when I got back to the states went to the ER with a fever. I had a kidney and bladder infection, woke up the next day and half of my face was swollen. The doctor told me it was from the penicillin and it would go away.. it went all over my face within the next month. I have went to tons of doctors and got lots of allergy test which showed I am allergic to everything from SPF to brown rice. I was never allergic to anything before. Did you get sick before it started?

I look completly different and when I talk to family or friends they pretend that it's not that bad. However, when little kids point and whisper its hard to believe. The emotional part is the worse but I have found things that help me if you want to give them a try. Nothing I have done has taken it all away but at least I can wake up without having to put ice on my eyelids to open them.
P.S. I had surgery it was one of the biggest mistakes, do not do it. The mayo clinic said that the surgery could cause scar tissue and if the swelling went down who knows what I would look like. Even if they are the best plasic surgeon and they promise to make you pretty again. After two weeks my face went back to how it was and the doctor just said we would have to do it again. Then I went to the mayo clinic. Please contact me if you want to this is hard to deal with on your own, I know.
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