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hard lump behind ear

My son recently noticed a hard lump behind his left ear.  He has also complained of back pain.  Any possible suggestions?
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How is your son? Are there other symptoms present? Hard lump behind the ear may be due to a infection, inflammation, swollen lymph node, sebacious cyst, and  other skin conditions. The back pain could be due to trauma, postural or  musculoskeletal causes as well. It is important to have direct clinical examination in order to get the definite diagnosis. If this persists, have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Recently having alot of problems , mid right back pain, dull off and on pain in right testicle. Sometimes left to..maybe could be over exaggerated...because there my testicles haha , in left eye seen a roundish yellow spot on the lower white of the eye.. Not affecting eye sight or any symtoms linked to it.   Found softish non moveable lump behind ear feels like its attached to jaw bone. But if i open mouth or turn head lump disapears.... Most symtoms popped up after i found that lump behind ear i was thinking most of my symtoms could be caused by anxiety and depression because i had no problems before i found it ... If it is cancer i wont get treated by kemo or radiation i will posibly do surgery... But i will do cannabis oil treatment forsure if i do have cancer ... Ive thought long and hard about everything im no longer scared and my age is 16 going on 17
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