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hormonal imbalance

when i was ten i experience hormonal imbalance. many changes happens pubic hair started to grow, i even grow tall, my voice changes which is very unnatural for a person like me. Due to lack of money my mother didn`t put interst on it. I grow as a happy and jolly person even if i am conscious facing my problem. I laugh even if i`m not happy just to be happy and just to hide what ihave..Would somebody know what is my disease?

pls. help...

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First of all, how old are you?  If you are still a minor, you will still have to get your mother to take you to a doctor.

Have you been having your menstrual cycles?  Do you experience heavy and painful periods?  These are indicators of hormonal imbalances, too.

If you can at least see a family doctor, your doctor can refer you to see an endocrinologist or a gynacologist.  Or, your doctor may try to put you on birth control pills in an attempt to balance out your hormones.  That wouldn't be my first choice with the problem either.

Have your thyroid and your adrenals checked, too.  If you can find a way to afford it, see a natural doctor called a naturopath to have the adrenal levels checked if the conventional doctor doesn't find anything abnormal with the adrenal levels.  Conventional doctors only check for things like Addison's, which I don't know a whole lot about.  So, if the conventional doctor doesn't find Addison's, the doctor will say that there is nothing wrong.  That really isn't the whole story, though.  The thyroid and the adrenals work together, but the conventional doctors are missing part of the puzzle.  Try to come up with money to see a naturopath.  There are some who will work on a sliding fee schedule.  They are hard to find, but check around.  If you live in Seattle, you can go to the Bastyr University to see a student on a sliding fee schedule.

I don't really know what the name of the hormonal imbalance is that you're facing, but I hope I was able to still point you in the right direction.
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         During adolescence, teenagers will see the greatest amount of growth in height and weight. During puberty, sexual and other physical maturation occurs because of  hormonal changes. In boys, puberty may begin at 9.5 to 14 years of age. But the  rate of changes that may occur may vary from one person to another.  Some adolescents may experience these signs of maturity sooner or later than others.
         The first pubertal change is the enlargement of the testicles followed by penis enlargement: This usually begins approximately one year after the testicles begin enlarging. The  appearance of pubic hair happens at around 13.5 years of age while hair under the arms, on the face, voice change, and acne around 15 years of age. I hope this helps. Take care and best regards.
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