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lump in neck

I noticed this weekend a big lump in neck between adams apple and base of neck; the lump moves when i swallow - went to er and it said swollen cartilage - i'm not comfortable with this diagnosis.  Anyone else experienced this?  thanks.
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Hello jb652,

The lump in the neck might be due to the some inflammation. Most likely it might be due to some laryngeal or thyroid pathology. The linkage with the swallowing moment must be some inflammation of the thyroid gland. Is the swelling very prominent? Is there any associated fever? Any rashes? Answers to these questions would be of further help.

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the swelling is prominent to me because it wasn't there before - it is more noticeable when I swallow, as it moves up and down.  there is not fever or rash.  thanks for your response.
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Was just reading your post & you have the exact symptoms that I had years ago when I swallowed or drank would notice a big lump between the Adams apple and my neck.
It turned out to be a nodule attached to the thyroid gland which was luckily benign & removed by surgery due to the size of it.
I would suggest going to have an ultrasound done to find out exactly what it is. I left mine for months thinking it was myself being paranoid, so go and get it check out to be sure.
Hope this helps,
Bel :)
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