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sometimes it feels like im not me. likemy brain isnt always there im not really forgetting things but i have floaters in my eye and also its like i'm looking through gasoline at times. I dont get confused by i feel confused sometimes. sometimes i'm alright but other time i feel different. I dont know what is causing this but i'm asking you?

also i use electronics a lot. is that the reason?
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How are you? What kind of electronics do you use?Were you able to go to an eye doctor to evaluate your vision? Confusion is common but if it occurs frequently there may be underlying emotional or medical condition such as thyroid problems or anemia. Determining the underlying cause requires your complete medial history and direct clinical examination. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Have you looked at the chiari malformation information?  My daughter had these symptoms and has that and pseudotumor cerebri... check it out.
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