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pituitary tumor and weight gain 5pnds over nite?

hi,im very upset. i had a 22mm pituitary tumor removed by crainotomy in 06. i keep gaining weight and i can gain as much as 5pnds over nite.my surgon said my hypothalamus was damanaged from the pressure of the tumor. i never had weight gain like this before. i have been tested for diabeties,test came back fine.im gaining all my weight in my stomach.i have idiotpathic breast leakage.my breast have grew 2 cup sizes.prolactin with tumor-6.4 prolactin in may 08 -11.1.  i look like im 5mnts preganat (im not) then some days i can lose 5pnds. any ideas on what i could ask my doctor to test me for? i have my labs ,i thought maybe hypotpituitary? every doctor i got to around here has never heard of it. i was tested for diabetes inputidids- neg. my endo is about 120 miles away,i keep a temp of 99.8 all time. have heat intolrance,fuzzy thinking ,cold feet,sweaty hands.i am so frustrated .
TSH-0.47  (0.3-5.5)
T3- 86
CORTISOL- 9.3 (3.1-22.4)
ACH-17 (6-48)
HGH-0.1 (0.0-6.0)
IGF1-188 (115-307)
PROLACTIN-11.1 (2.8-29.2)
thats all labs  i have . any ideas on what is going on? thanks brainpain
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have any ideas?
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i am having the same problem and when the dr's check all my differnt hormones ect. ect. ect. they all come back normal or so slightly off that they say its not enough to do anything about!! Im soo extremely frustrated! I too look as though Im pregnant and have been mistaken for it many times when out and about. Im a very short woman who used to be very thin! Ive gone from a size 2 to a size 10/12. in 4 mos. time Ive gained 17 lbs. ive done nothing to cause this gain! if anything I should have lost appose to loosing. ive tried diets, I exercise regularly, eat really healthy ect. what else can i do??  My tumor  is 18mm. the doc. says that it can be removed but they want to just watch it cause its not causing any pressure or damage on my eye sight.
if you find anything that could be of any help I would greatly appreciate it! i shall do the same!
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Hi Ladies, I have a Pituitary Mass/Cyst that was removed in 2007 and it grew back and now I have to have surgery this June to have it removed again. I have gained 20 POUNDS
and I work out 1 hour a day 4 x a week which does nothing for my weight. I am gaining it all in my breast area and mid section upper thighs and butt. Im not very happy with the way I look , not to mention somthing growing in my head. So my thoughts on this..... I think if you have one of these growing it will effect your hormones and there is really nothing you can do about the weight gain. Last time I had this removed I lost the weight.
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we have the SAME problem I gained 30 pounds and work out 4 days a week. My breast are engorged and my belly sticks out and my butt too.
I hate the way I look! I had to pituitary surgeries. I could not eat for days and still gain weight, its horomone inbalance but the question is how do we correct this?
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I had my pituitary adenoma removed surgically (through nose) in 1996.  Before this I was a normal size 12.  Since I've been gaining weight continuosly and now am size 18.  I have great difficulty losing weight despite various diets and weight loss and nutrition programs.  I asked my doctor re hormone imbalance.  Tests were negative.  Doctors don't seem to understand the problem.  Who can help?  My extra weight is causing distress to my bones at this stage.  
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has anyone checked your kidney function? I can do this easily and am a Grade III kidney patient. Also, the heart can cause this to happen...(I am also a heart patient)
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