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please help, unknown illness

I swell up under my jaw on the left when I have the smallest amount of lactose but I am not allergic according to the food allergy blood test and the docs say that nothing is wrong even when I physically show evidence that something unknown is wrong. What could it be? Then I also have a knot on the back of my neck on the left the side of a pea. Both of these problems are painless. Yesterday I noticed a weird pain/tension in my right underarm but I assume its from sleeping on my arm wrong, and there is no swelling for this pain that I can notice. What type of infection could it be? I don't have any fever so its not valley fever I assume..and I worry about cancer though it wouldn't make sense since no family history of such. I have a good thyroid, no std, no diabetes, no high cholesterol, and the only abnormal thing that the blood tests showed was a liver with a little extra fat but the doc said it didn't look bad but to watch it....I have acid reflux or heart burn that I never got diagnosed but I know I have. So what's wrong with my health, whats the illness?
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? It is good that the results of your tests were fine. The painless knot or swelling could also be due to other issues such as inflamed lymph nodes, folliculitis, lipoma, or sebacious cysts. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination is essential and additional tests may be indicated. Take care and do keep us posted.
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No other symptoms aside from painless swelling have occurred. I have noticed that if I have any lactose I swell even though tests show i'm not allergic. Also either when I don't eat for a prolonged time or get really nervous, the lymph under my jaw on the left side swells, so I wonder if something is wrong in my stomach or small intestine that is also affected by the stomach acid. I have wisdom teeth that have grown out slanted towards my cheeks which I hope but doubt is the main cause because really what illness only reacts to lactose if i'm not allergic? I worry it could be serious though everything is painless and I have no fever out cough or sore throat. I only noticed that yesterday my gums sting and bleed very little when I brush out rinse my mouth but I figureits from brushing a bit hard. I avoid all lactose and take vitamins now, centrum to be exact. I will be asking the docs to take a white blood cell count and to do head and abdomen xrays. I have visited Venezuela last year from Jan.-Aug. Being safe and only rinsed my mouth with sink water but drank bottled/ chlorophied purified water..was also bit by many tiny mosquitos. I haven't been sick this year but last fall/winter I got a very crappy cold that kept me home feeling bad for about a week or so..I stopped working out in fear of wearing out my immune system. The docs say i'm fine and that it would be unethical to have dairy/lactose in front of them to show physical proof of my lying nodes swelling. Though I noticed last night my lymph under my jaw swelled wren I was nervous/hungry..I'll get head aches if I feel/rub the swelling and knot on the back of my neck at the end of a day before I go to sleep.I also have been more itchy that usual at random times during the day but I think that its just sweat since its very hot in the valley of California.
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Venezuela January-April* sorry about the miss spelled typos my cell phone does.
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