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rare unknown mystery disease

Been feeling sick all my life with no answers. Ive had numerous blood tests and neurologists and gastro-ologist appointments.
Symptoms include
-loose stools/diarrhea and abdominal disorders
-erratic spaced out vision
-mood and mental disturbances
-general flu feeling
-fatigued and no energy

And many minor symptoms.
What could this be?? Its something thats not normal or well known to many gp's but its really effecting my life now. Im 21 work full time and can barley last a full day.
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what does you diet consist of? when i was younger i had many of those symptoms and found my diet was the problem. i ate fastfood everyday, no vegetables, lotsa soda, and that's it. if nothing's showing up on all those tests then that's what i would try, it helped me.
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Get bloodwork to check Vitamin D 25OH test, vitamin B12, RBC Magnesium.

You may be deficient and need to take supplements

Vitamin D should be above 50ng/mL
Vitamin B12 should be above 500 (closer to 800 is best)
RBC Magnesium optimum level is between 6.0-6.5mg/dL
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