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What would cause rhabdomyolysis if I contracted it somehow earlier this year but was NOT in the general categories that usually cause it? (like drug use, being still for a long period of time, etc) My creatine kinase levels STILL-months later-rise and fall. I don't get it. Does anyone have an answer?

Not sure if I should categorize this in rare diseases or autoimmune disorders...
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How are you? Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in the release of myoglobin into the bloodstream.Myoglobin breaks down into potentially harmful compounds and may block the structures of the kidney, causing kidney failure.
The disorder may be caused by any condition that results in damage to skeletal muscle, especially trauma. Risk factors to be considered are alcoholism , certain inherited or genetic syndromes. crush Injuries, heat intolerance, heatstroke, ischemia or necrosis of the muscles (as may occur with arterial occlusion, deep venous thrombosis, or other conditions), low phosphate levels. seizures, severe exertion such as marathon or running, shaking chills, trauma or use or overdose of drugs. If your creatinine levels are still not constant, regular monitoring by your doctor is important. Take care and regards.
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Thank you so much for writing me back. Even after all the research I have done on the internet on the disease, your post shed a lot more light on the possible reasons for my development of this disorder. I have had heat stroke SEVERAL times, shaking chills several times, and had multiple major muscle/bone injuries. The reason is insignificant except the fact that I have been "clean" of these scenarios for at least 2 years. I don't really even drink and take my pain medication as prescribed (or less) by my physician. I have been super depressed at times in my life and attempted to take myself out by overdosing but that hasn't happened in a long time either. Looks like I did some major body damage that is going to give me more than just pain as I grow older. My friends joke about me being "punch drunk" for all the concussions that I have had. Even though I graduated with honors from an ivy league university, I could NEVER do anything like that now. Right now, I also MAY have DVT but my doctors are dancing around officially diagnosing it.
You are the best. Thanks a million and best wishes!
I truly appreciate your post and will work on staying hydrated all the time. This last CK test was high so I am just going to have to keep at it.
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