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swollen soft palate in the mouth

9 months ago, the roof of my mouth is very itchy and later on there is a bump/swelling of my soft palate, it is not painful, the color is white. i went to ENT actually i went to 2 different ENT to check and they both said it is Aphtous Stomatis Ulcer,  they give me anti-inflammatory spray (KAMILLOSAN SPARY) and theother ENT give me a CARENOXOLONE SODIUM, and antibiotics but it did not heal! this bump still here. it will be 2 months since i went to ENT. I also have a GERD problem before, Mitral valve prolapse. Now i started to worry is this cancer? i cannot go to ENT this moment because I dont have money to pay, maybe next month. it gives me sleepless nights and i worry a lot.

also my weight is decreasing.

pls help me...

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How are you? How much weight was lost since this condition started? Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is the most common form of oral ulcerative disease. It affects almost 20 percent of the general population. There is no proven etiology but  it is said that immune-complex mediated vasculitis and autoantibodies against the oral mucosal membranes have been suggested. Precipitating factors include trauma, stress, chemical irritants, hormones, and heredity.It has also been linked to systemic diseases. No definitive therapy exists but pain control and medication for the promotion of ulcer healing and prevention of future outbreaks should be prescribed. If this persists, you may need to have this checked by your ENT for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.

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