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testing for encephalitis after death occurs

My 19 year old son was recently on a training mission for the national guard at camp ripley minnesota.  During his time there they were battling with ticks, mosquitoes, and spiders, among other insects.  My son was assigned to bed rest while there due to a bug bite of some sort causing an intestinal infection.  They were informed after returning that some of the soldiers were being diagnosed as having encephalitis and if any of them experienced symptoms they should be tested.  So after being home 2 weeks my son is involved in a serious car accident and after 2 days of fighting passed away.  The day after his death I am informed by the passenger with him that before the accident happened and the cause of the accident is because my son was having a seizure of some sort.  He has never experienced a seizure before.  My son just passed away yesterday but had been given blood due to his injuries.  Blood was drawn before he was given blood however.  Is it too late or can anything be done to find out if this was the cause of the seizure?

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I am not a doctor but I have some medical background; I  offer you my condolescences for the death of your son. The only thing I can think of is a type of organism called protozoa. It is a family of microorganism bacteria alike which can live inside the "gut" of insects. When a mosquito carrier bites a person, the organism can move into the blood. Different types of protozoa will move to different niche in the body. Some will first move to one organ; reproduce than migrate somewhere else. I know from my own learning that many protoza first go to the intestine and than move to the brain through the bloodstream. I have strong suspicion that your son was killed by some sort of protozoa infection. Exacltly what type, I do not know; but you could ask an expert for more information. Again my condolescences for the death of your sibling.
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I'm sorry this is so much later but I'm still baffled and lost on this whole situation and can't seem to get any answers.  My concern is that the first hospital that my son was taken to was informed of his condition at the time of the accident meaning they were told that it was caused because he was unconcious and having a seizure.  I understand that his injuries from the accident were severe and he was in critical condition.  But shouldn't they have been checking into this and his medical background and history, should they not have told me he was having a seizure found out if he had a history of it?  Had they informed me of this I would have known instantly that he needed to be tested for something because of the tick bite he suffered,  he had just been contacted from the National Guard 3 days prior saying if he developed symptoms he needed to be tested because others had been diagnosed with encephylitis.  Only God knows if it would have changed the outcome but I need some answers for closure.  I asked the hospital where he passed away to test his blood they never did.  What am I chopped liver and deserve no answers or is somebody hiding something from me???
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