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Alexia breast reduction pills

I was wondering what your opinion on Alexia pills were.  Do they actually work?
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I am a doctor, and your friend is right. Herbals do not make smaller breasts. You might be healthier, or lose a bit of weight and secondarily lose a small amount of breast, but not nearly enough to qualify as a reduction. Respectfully,

                      arch s miller ms md facs
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I'm not a doctor and I looked up the pills you mentioned they are basically diet pills and if they work they wouldn't target your breasts you would lose weight over your whole body.So if they work you would lose weight but in all areas of your body not just your breasts.You could accomplish the same thing with eating less,eating more vegetables and fruits,cutting out junk foods and high calorie sports/energy drinks and sodas and exercising.I doubt the pills will help you.
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