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Debating Skin Expander Reconstruction

I am debating on having reconstruction surgery with the skin expansion.  Can anyone let me know how they did with it and what to expect?
Thanks Recrdpxi
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I am having the surgery done on both breast within  two  weeks.  Feel free to send me a post or message and I will let you know how I do with it.  
I hope someone who's had this surgery replies to your question.

Good luck in whatever choice you make.  This was the only option for me.
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Thanks so much Dee.  Good Luck with the surgery.  Please keep me posted on how you are doing.  
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Hello. I am Dr. Arch Miller, and I do tissue expander reconstructions on a frequent basis. The procedure is very good and can result in a beautifully symmetyric breast. The nice thing about the procedure is that requires little down time, and allows one to resume normal life activities quite rapidly. Further, it has lower complication rates and it allows you to leave hospital quickly. About 35% of my patients elect for tissue expnasion. You are making a decision based on your needs and desires. Collect all necessary information and let your judgement choose. Have a great day.Respectfully,
                           arch s miller ms md facs
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Hi, I tried to do the expander and hated it just hated the feel of everything in my chest, it felt like a fry pan was strapped to me.  I had the tram flat surgery, and it looks great and I was up and about within 3 weeks.  I got a little tummy tuck in the process too!  I much perferred to use my own tissue to created the new gal! now 9 yrs later it still looks and feels great!  Good luck either way!

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