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Dying skin after Hysterectomy and Tummy Tuck/Hernia Repair

I have dying skin at the flap sight.  It is about 2" long and just recently opened up an 1" and I can see into the cavity.  To make matters worse,  now I see about 2" away from that sight along the scar line, there is some oozing pus coming through in small areas within what I thought was a successful healing.

Yellow pus is in the cavity and my plastic surgeon told me to not worry about it and that it will take about 3 months now to heal.  I have been told to waterproof the area, not to clean it and to wear a horizontal Kotex pad and this isn't working for me as the pad does not draw the pus away from the sight so I bought some surgical gauze and a surgical pad to go over it and decided to use saran wrap and tape to keep it water proof.  I am just worried about it not closing up.   How does dying skin heal itself or do you think in three months I will need a skin graph.  I am also worried about infection because I have been told not do to any cleaning in the site or wipe the pus out.

This procedure was done with a hysterectomy and I now have urinary tract infection and passing some fluid vaginally.  Please,  can you give me some advice?   P.S. I am very happy with the my tummy tuck/hernia repair and my surgeon.  Thank you.

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