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Implant Pain and nipple reconstuction

In January I had a mastectomy followed the next day by two attempted reconstructions.  My plastic surgeon first tried the DIEP Flap which failed after 5 hours and then he tried the our plan B which was to use abdominal muscle.  This failed also failed after about 5 hours. I was in surgery for 10 -11 hours.  I have since undergone a hysterectomy and had an temporary implant placed.  I see my surgeon about every 2 weeks for injections. The pain from the temporary implant increase with each injection (I am in tears most nights). I am now ready for the reduction of my good breast and to have my permanent implant placed.  The pain from the temporary implant has been so intense at night or any time I lay down.  Is there a huge chance that my permanent implant will cause this nightly pain as well?
Lastly, my nipple was not saved from the mastectomy. I have friends that have had their plastic surgeon make them a nipple after their implant, however they tell me that after a year or so the nipple expands out and they more or less lose it.  My remaining natural nipple is fairly large and on the long side.  Is there any type of nipple implant or procedure that would give me a new nipple that will last???
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