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Minimizing reconstruction

Is there breast cancer surgery to minimize reconstruction, ie: remove internal breast tissue while leaving skin and nipple so that only breast implant is required.  And can the reconstructive surgery be done simultaneously with the reconstruction.  What are the risks.  Thanks alot!

Below are the results of breast cancer testing:

Breasts are heterogeneoulsy dense.  Within the right breast at the upper outer posteriorly is a 1.7 cm area of nonmass-like enhancement.  This peaks at 100% with subsequent plateau.  This is consistent with the patient's biopsy-proven infiltrating lobular carcinoma.  At 12 o'clock is a 6 mm focus of abnormal nonmass enchancement showing peak enhancement at 100% with subsequent plateau.  This is approximately 5.6 mm anterior and 8 mm medial to the medial margin of the biopsy-proven carcinoma.  This has a central focus of lack of enhancement which may be an area of necrosis.  Elsewhere within the right breast are foci of asymmetric enhancement posteriorly and laterally.  The largest measures 1.5cm and shows peak enhancement at 125% with subsequent plateau.  Within the lower outer aspect is a 1.3 cm focus of asymmetric nonmass enhancement demonstrating peak enhancement at 100% with subsequent plateau.  Inferiorly at the 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock position are approx four foci of asymmetric nonmass enhancement measuring 4-5 mm each.  Thereis a small amount of edema within the posterior right breast.  The nipple is preserved.
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The diagnosis appears to be Lobular carcinoma. If that is truly the tissue diagnosis you are at increased risk for having bilateral disease. If your surgeon supects that this exists he or she may recommend that you have a double mastectomy. It is true that one can perform bilateral subcutaneous mastectomies and or simple skin sparing mastectomies and you have an immediate submuscular implant with allomax placement. This is relatively new, but very effective. Most plastic surgeons skilled in reconstruction and experienced with the material can help you with this.

                arch s miller ms md facs
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