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Reconstruction question

Implant on left breast and reduction on right
by sbreeze462

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, Jun 17, 2009 01:47PM
I have undergone reconstruction on my left breast and reduction of the right breast.  The expanders was removed and the implant placed in two months ago.  The left breast is still way too high and too small.  When I have on just a T-shirt or anything form fitting I look almost as bad as I did before the implant.  My question is, does this get enough better to make it worth my while, or has anyone out there had the same problem and what did you do to get some balance in size before time for the nipple to be constructed? A nipple on this would be ridiculous looking.  I wasn't promised a perfectPerfect choice match but this is embarassing.  I am a medicaid patient, my choices are limited at best but I feel that medicaid patients should have the right to look as normal as possible.  I only bring home $200 as week so any fancy surgery is not going to happen.
Please tell me there have been some of you that have had this problem and you were able to correct it.
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I am sorry that you have a size difference. I do know that if your reconstruction is a failure, that you can go through the same process. I personally overexpand about twice the volume of the expected breast implant and leave it in for about 4 to 6 months. This usually results in a nice size match. It is not the norm however, and many surgeons speed through the expansion phase.

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