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Will I ever get my feeling back

About four years ago I had surgery to have two tissue expanders put in my scalp to remove a keloid that I had in the back of my head. The whole thing was so painful that I just couldn't go on with the 12 weeks that they would have to be in my head. After 4 weeks, I met with the doctor and we decided to take them out and I would keep the scar but I would get injection to flaten the keloid.
The doctor told me that my scalp would go back to the orlginal size and I would get my feeling back in my scalp. I have all of the feeling on the left side of my scalp. But the right side still goes from numb to tingling to several other feeling. I can't say that it's painful but sometimes my scalp is a little sore. And my scalp becomes inflamed when I scratch my head or comb my hair alot. I take ibuprofin daily. I understand that I probally have some kind of nerve damage and I guess it takes some time for your nerves to regenerate. But what gets me a little nervous is the swelling of the scalp. Is this something that I will be living with for some time?????
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It sounds like you are developing occasionalm seromas in your scalp. This could also account for the sensation changes as pressure could increase and decrease. You need to be checked when it is swollen to see if that is the case. After 4 years, the return of sensation any more is unlikely.

                  arch s miller ms md facs
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Is occasionalm seromas life theating or is it just an uncomfortable thing that I might have to live with for life?
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