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hello i took out my wisdom teeth a year ago and since then i got plenty of pains in my jaw and palate (the roof of my mouth).I went to the dentist got a splint and all my jaw pain is gone.I now have pains in the roof of my mouth and i think it is because of my muscles because  when ever i make any eye movements or certain jaw movements like biting down and chewing chewy foods i get more pain in the roof of my mouth.So  i just wanted to ask if muslces could of been torn or damaged and if it is how would that fix.Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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I would imagine that post-operative pain can last for one year. I recommend that you see your surgeon and talk to him/her about these pains.

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Post-op pain from the removal of your wisdom teeth should not last that long. When they extract the wisdom teeth, they are pretty close to a facial nerve and facial muscles, so it can very well be a problem with the muscle being damaged/torn.  Though the wholes where the teeth were are usually present for a long time and can become infected. I'd talk to the oral surgeon who did the extractions. Good luck.
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