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relieving shoulder, neck and temple pain by reducing breast size?

I am 54.  Two years ago I developed severe migraines which developed into pain behind my jaw, in my temples, near my ears, my throat, back of my neck and upper shoulders.  A series of doctors have ruled out allergies, oxygen flow deficiencies, mental disorders, autoimmunities, brain abnormalities, arterial blockages in the area, TMJ, dental problems, opthomalogical problems, and Thoracic outlet syndrome affecting my veins/arteries.  I have confirmed that I have some osteoarthritis in my cervix and possibly small bone spurs.   I have at least 38D or larger breasts, weigh 156 pounds and am 5 ft 5".

The headache, eyestrain, and neck pain is killing me.  It is worse if I use my hands, use my eyes, use the computer, drive, or do anything standing up more than a short while.  Many days I come home, lay on the floor and horizontal exercises just to relieve the pain in my upper extremities.  

I have run out of ideas and my internist the last time said there is nothing she could do for me other than hand me a medication for depression which I refuse to take because I am not depressed, I am in pain.  I take Depacote which my neurologist prescribes for the migraines so I can work and drive.

My hand surgeon at one point told me I have an unusual dip in a bone structure in my shoulder bone and my bra strap sits in it.  I have noticed that the pain is less if I wear no bra at all;  I can't go to work without a bra, however.

My question is:  would significant breast reduction surgery be likely to reduce the pressure on my cervical osteoarthritis or the nerves in my neck and shoulder, and how would I go about getting it approved?  A few years ago I inquired and did not qualify but I did not have all this pain then and now I do.  

Please please help me figure out what to do next.  I am running out of options. I have a followup with my neurologist very soon.  I have tried to be systematic here but get the feeling the doctors just don't get it.
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Yes, a breast reduction procedure can relieve many if not all of the symptoms you are describing. You will need to make an appointment with a local plastic surgeon for a physical exam and discussion as to your options.

           arch s miller ms md facs
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