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im 24 years old and for the past while ive been having some strange symptoms mostly bleeding after a bowel movement also constipation and swelling in my stomach on the right side of my stomach again the blood ussaly only happens after a hard bowel movement I figured it couldn't be internal hemorrohids  because this has been going on now for at least a couple of years and its on and off the blood anyways ... the constipation and swelling in the stomach is some what new at least a couple months now I wont go to the bathroom for a couple days at a time and the right side of my stomach if I squeeze on it I can feel something in there that feels swollen and when I press on it I can feel gas moving the blood is mostly on the toilet paper and sometimes on the side of the stool like as if its been whipped on there by something on my colon any clues as to what this could be im scared its cancer I haven't had any pain at all
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The bleeding is likely from hemorrhoid.  If you have rectal polyp that's ulcerated causing bleeding, you would have noticed stool shape change.  You need to treat your constipation (take fiber supplements and MiraLax, drink lots of water, cut back on caffeine and alcohol) and put prepH inside your rectum.  Warm water mixed with Epsom salt, do sitz bath 3x per day.  If you don't have family history, your likelihood of cancer is low.  What you described does not match colorectal cancer symptoms at all.  You want to watch for persistent (>4-6 mos w/no improvement from meds) digestive symptoms - pain/cramp, gas, indigestion, that is coupled with extreme fatigue, weight loss, hair loss, etc.  if you are still worried, go to a GI and get a colonoscopy and enjoy your bowel prep. If that's what you decide to do, I would recommend requesting for Prepopik.  
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What is Prepopik? I have had a colonoscopy before, & had trouble with the prep. I was given orange flavored Go Lightly. To be honest, it was horrible! You have to drink a gallon of it, & I understand that they have to make sure that you have cleared out your intestines completely so that they are able to actually see your colon. However, drinking that amount of fluid for me, in that short of an amount of time, was pretty much as close to torture that I have ever experienced. I mixed it too late (I think), so it didn't get that cold, which made it much worse.

Any recommendations on the best, least torturous, method of prep? I may need to have another procedure, & I would VERY much appreciate it!!!

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