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Please help! occational rectal bleeding.

I had it first 2 years ago. It was a large had stool. It happened only while pooping. After 3 days it stopped. Since then I have it in every 6 -8 months. Whenever rectal bleeding happens I eat a little, drink lots of water and go for poop after 2-3 days.then it stops. I recently had one. It has stopped. It happened 2 times, 7 days ago and 5 days ago. It has stopped since then. Should I see a doctor?
Please show me some light. and pardon me for poor english as this is my second language. Forgive If anything sounds inappropriate as well.
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Hi, haemorrhoids (piles) is the commonest cause for painless bleeding into the stool. It is nothing but venous plexus (network of veins) in the anal canal, which, due to hereditary predisposition and constipation are enlarged and are dragged down, towards the anus. The first step towards therapy would be to combat constipation, which is done by drinking plenty of water, like doubling your usual intake. Adding a lot of fiber rich food in your diet like green, leafy vegetables and bananas. Consuming only whole grain cereals like rice or wheat and avoiding refined carbohydrates. Regularly exercising, as this helps in bowel movement.

But if constipation is still not relieved, then a laxative can be used temporarily. For permanent cure, techniques like injection of sclerosant, banding, photocoagulation or surgery are done, depending on the degree of hemorrhoids. Here, a general surgeon will help you by examining you and may do a proctoscopy to determine the degree of hemorrhoids for planning management. Regards.
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Dear Anitha,

Thanks a lot for your advice. I saw a surgeon and after a full colosnoscopy he said it is second degree haemorrhoids. He has given me daflon tablet.
many many thanks and warm regards.
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