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Rectal pain, gassy, painful bowel movements

Well, this is a rather embarrassing topic :) For the last several months, I've been experiencing pain traveling from my lower intestines, into my rectum. It feels as if my intestines are being stretched beyond capacity, sharp and stabbing pains. As the stool moves along, so does the pain. When it gets to the rectal area, it is so severe, I cannot move from whatever position I am in, until it subsides for a moment. Then, I'm rushing to the bathroom. Sometimes I can get relief from a bowel movement, but sometimes it just results in gas. But it hurts so much! Often, when this is occurring, a small stool will "shoot out", I mean pea size or smaller, but from the pain I expect something much larger to appear. I also have "normal" size movements when this pain is not present, but while it is, the closest I get to normal is longer and more narrow. Ugh, I really hate this topic, and I've been putting off seeing a doctor because I work in the pharmacy in our HMO, and it's just humiliating thinking of any of them prodding around down there. Anyway, I was at work today, and made several trips to the restroom with pain and a little relief, but mostly pain. No blood. I had thyroid cancer 8 years ago, and I feel like a hypochondriac sometimes, but this is really getting worse, and if it continues, I may not be able to work. Please, if anyone has any ideas, I need advice!! Thanks..
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