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16 and scared..

So. . My boyfriend and I are very much inlove.. He moved down to where I live to be with me.. And it was a bit after that i decied that hes the one. And he always told me the same. Im on birthcontroll and we are using condoms too... But my period didnt come this month.. And im scared im getting a.test tomorrow... But i dont understand how this can happen with both forms of protection..
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I'm sorry that you are scared. Birth control is not 100% effective, so there is always a chance that you could get pregnant. Talk to you gynecologist about the best ways you can protect yourself in the future. And if you need additional support, reach out to your local resources for counseling and sex education.
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Girl you're moving pretty fast. I hope you know you can't live on love, and you're both still going to school to get your high school diplomas. Otherwise, your "love" is holding you back, and "love" is not supposed to hurt you. After high school it's pretty important for you both to get a post secondary education as well. If you cannot support each other to do that, then your love is a problem. If it's not part of a solution, it's part of a problem. Please be good to each other by supporting  each other to get ahead in this life. It's not luck, it's work. Be a proud couple, and do right by each other.

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