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Relation complications ?

I am 22 and 4 months before engaged, but  still there is no understanding between me and my fiance, i like him and truly respect this relation but some how a little misunderstandings create and he got angry on little things and for him the most important thing is communication, in the start we communicate normally than this goes on and now  again the the stuation is like we strangers, what i decided not to communicate too much till marriage which i sometimes thought is not good decision. Now we both are ignoring each other. i dont like this at all , this feels so bad, ithe only decision i take not to communicate too much because he judged me all the time my little weak points .  i am confused ifk dont communicate he got angry but when i try to communicate he ignored me ,  extreme critical situation for me . but i like him . and i want this relationship to be longer what i do please suggest me some advices .

Thanks !!!
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Well the foundation of a relationship is good communication. So it seems like a good idea to start that now. Things aren't going to get better when you are married unless you work on them. You should clear about what you want in the relationship and then be honest with him about it. Couples counseling would be a really good option for you so you can start to learn how to communicate with one another.
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These issues will NOT improve with Marriage but will ESCALATE instead!!  This I know is true, this is a promise!!

At the very least You should go for couples counseling to resolve this BEFORE You have a Wedding.

Good Luck
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I agree that you must resolve these issues before you wed, with a marriage counselor. I would not marry a person that was judgmental.
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thanks everybody

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