I would just like to know weather or not my boyfriends want the best of both worlds!?
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what do you mean?
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Boyfriend(s)... do you have more than one?

Best of both worlds... they want their cake and they want to eat it?

As Ammanda asked... what do you mean?
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no just the 1 boyfriend was a typo

but i meant like he might love me and want to be with me but also wants the attention off other women talking to them on the internet and telling them he loves them and calling them all the stuff he calls me! i dunno if im being silly and its just harmless chatting but i was effected by it wen i first saw it!
i know he loves me just dunno if out realtionship if now just habbit and going round in circles and stuff now
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If he is flirting with other women online, then that would not be ok with me. I would talk to him about it and have a heart to heart to see where your relationship stands.
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Superstar,  you're 17,  and this is the time in your life where you need to decide what you date several people and decide what kind of guy you want and don't want.

I wouldn't want one who was telling other girls he loves them.  That's not "harmless chatting".

Your life will turn out much better if you don't try to rationalize away qualities in your friends that you know aren't right.    Just face it,  straight on,  and don't candycoat what he's doing.

On the other hand, if he's 17 himself,  he's too immature for a monogamous relationship anyway.
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Thankyou!!! its helped alot to be honest!
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