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1st Date?

Okay, so this guy asked me to go to a movie with him, but we only first started talking to each other about 2 weeks ago.
As far as I can tell, he's the opposite of me. He's almost a year younger than me, but we're both the same grade in high school, and he loves things like ... cartoons. I'm very mature for my age, and he's slightly immature for his age.

I agreed to go to a movie, but I don't want it to turn into something much more that that.. Am I giving him the wrong idea? Or is it okay to go on a date, but not be "together"?

I'm very new at this whole "going on dates" thing, so any advice or tips are EXTREMELY welcome!
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just explain to him that you are not looking for a relationship at the moment only friendship,be honest with him from the start so he dont get the wrong idea,friends can do movies and things together just be yourself as you would if out with your friends,go with intention to enjoy yourself and you never know after a few evenings out you might even feel that you can have a relationship with him after all they do say opposites attract.Have fun
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As said above, tell him up front that it is not a date and you just want to hang out. I learned to do that quickly after going to the movies with a guy friend a couple years ago and he thought we were dating. I wasn't interested in him like that. So the next time I went to the movies with a guy friend I made sure he understood. Though it just so happened that a guy I had gone to the movies with strictly as friends turned out to be an awesome boyfriend. Just be open minded and enjoy yourself, get to know each other. Have fun.
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Make sure you buy your own ticket!!!!
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Liking cartoons doesn't make a person immature...I'm 25, run a restaurant, am a wife and mother, take care of a house, author and am extremely mature...I love cartoons. I'll watch cartoonnetwork, nick and adult swim more than anything else.

If you're not interested make sure to make that clear and like specialmom said..buy your own ticket.
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no, sorry!! I didn't mean it like that haha!
I think cartoons are great, but i myself don't watch them a lot. I wasn't saying "he watches cartoons, therefore he's immature", i just meant thats another thing we don't have in common.

Sorry about that! :)
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