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Boyfriend Sex and dating sites

My boyfriend of almost 2 1/2 years, whom I adore and thought we had a perfect relationship and sex life is on dating sites.  we met on ok cupid, after we met i saw he was always online.. I didnt think much of it.. I found him on another site and set up a profile and he was chatting with me...   whe i confronted him, he said he gets bored and likes to see whats going on with people.. I was pissed hesitant but let it go

I see now he is still on sites, now dirty ones. sls for example, we had an account on there to try a threesome possible.
I had breast cancer and my boobs are not formed properly. I am self concious and told him i am not ready till have have my boobs corrected..   I see now he opened another account as a couple, so i being a sneak set up a profile of a voluptios woman started e mailing him and he answered.. He told me he jerked off to my picture.  

I am fuming.. I dont know what do do.. he is responding to me on this site and doesnt know it.. I dont know what to do help....   He is obsessed with nude beaches and masterbating.  I feel as if due to my breasts and being overwight he looks for attention.. Which I give him more than enough.. HELP
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Give him something he REALLY needs...........a helping hand out the door.

You deserve better than this especially with all that you have been through.
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Dear, it sadens me terribly to read posts such as yours. Till the day i die ill never understand why people do such unloving things to another. Your being lured into a world that has unseen consequenses like love triangles and sexually transmitted diseases.
Find the inner strengh to  muster up enough nerve to run as far away from this person as possible and if you have a family that would help in your relocation, do lean on them for assitance.
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