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Break Ups (kind of)

Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon ladies and gentlemen and hello. My name is Hamed Khatiz and I have recently lost a friend. But instead of moping about and dragging myself about it, I decided to let her know about it.

What are some good modern songs to tell someone you are over them?

I want to tell her that "This year I lost a friend and I don't care about it. Worrying about you is making me way stressed and sick and I don't want to take it anymore. I am over you..."

Thanks for the help.
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Hey Hamed.... it is okay to grieve about losing a friend man.  In fact, it is completely normal to do so.  In likeness, it is almost the same as breaking up.  

The key for you to keep in your mind is, that you have chosen to move forward.  That is a step in the right direction from where you once stood.  It is too bad that this person did not want to accept your friendship.  But with that said, why bother trying to impress this person or win them over?  Just be you man....  

You just need to be true to you and the friends you already have.  They've accepted you and others will too.  Friendship isn't for sale and it isn't a bargaining tool either.  If it feels that way, the friendship is not genuine and otherwise won't last.  

You don't even need to address this person.  Leave it be, right where it is.  I wouldn't give a seconds more energy into this thing.  Just walk away.  The explaining lies on that persons shoulders, not yours.  And, this person doesn't seem to be the kind of person who wants to talk about it.... move forward young man.  You're bigger than this.
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Thank you all for the help and support. :)
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I'm not big on things like using a song on the radio to convey my feelings to someone I care about.  And if someone shared their feelings that way with me, I'd probably blow it off because it wasn't specifically written by them.  I'd set up a time to meet or send her a card and write your feelings yourself.  

Yes, music can move you when the lyrics seem to speak to us.  But someone else's words shouldn't substitute for our own when we really need someone important to us to know something.  good luck
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Obviously you're not over her,  or you wouldn't be trying to find the perfect words to tell her you are.  : (

You lost a friend,    and you care about it a lot.  The more effort you put into telling her you're over her,  the more obvious it will be that you aren't.

But as getitright said,  maybe put how you feel in your own words - but I would stay away from statements like "I a over you . . "  People who are "over" break ups wouldn't really go to the effort to tell the other person - they're over it.

Best wishes.  The strong attachment you feel toward her is a testament to your character - in time,  you WILL be over it.
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Your a smart guy,I sure you will find one.However,maybe you should tell her how you feel in your own words.You know what the right thing to do is and i,m sure it will be tough but sounds like you need to move on.All the best.
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