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Break up

how do you deal with a break up with your boyfriend? Me and my boyfriend just broke up because he cheated on me once again i need some advice somebody help~~~!!!!!!!!!
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Hi there.  Break ups aren't easy, that is very true.  They hurt and we mourn them when they are over.  Even bad ones sometimes.   I would do tough, as londres advises, distract yourself.  It really does help.  When left alone, our mind drifts and we are more prone to feeling sad or weakening in our resolve to end a bad relationship.  Staying busy is really key for making the time pass in the beginning stages of a break up.  

So, do schedule lots of things that you enjoy doing.  also, exercise regularly.  This is a physical release that we need when going through a hard time.  Keep a journal and have that be a place that you write down all your thoughts and feelings.  Keep it in the journal and compartmentalize it that way so that it is separate from other things in your life.  If you visualize that, it can help.

Also know that when there has been a break up, our mind drifts to happy memories.  What you need to do is shift that to remembering WHY you broke up.  He's a cheater, can't be trusted, and would be a bad choice in a boyfriend.  Keep that in your head at all times to keep the incentive up to get through this.

Trust me, you'll feel better given some time and then you can find somebody worthy of you.  peace
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ik ik i am backing away for a while
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it s not easy
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I see that you like art, singing and spending time with your family.  Use these things to occupy your time so that you aren't sitting around thinking about this guy 24/7 and getting depressed.  

Turn the music on and sing.  Go get some art books from the library and read them.  Do you paint or draw?  Do that.  Go do something fun with your family.  

Get creative and get your mind off this guy.  Over time he will be in the distance and then completely gone out of your mind.

STAY busy......do that.
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