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While I was with my boyfriend I was cheating on him with another guy. Now me and my boyfriend broke up but I'm kinda of confused about how I feel about the other guy now, when I'm with him I feel like I can do anything, we both are still getting to know each other but we have already kissed each other. Its obvious that I like him but I'm not so sure about him. I don't understand if he just wants to be my friend with benefits or my boyfriend because he has not asked me out yet. I want a relationship with this guy. But I don't know if I should tell him how I feel or just wait for things to fall into place?
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"While I was with my boyfriend I was cheating on him with another guy.".......Did the other guy know you had a bf at the time?  If he did I can guarantee you he is not interested in any real relationship with you.  Some guys like the idea of toying with another guy's gf.....nothing more and nothing less.  He might even view you as NO "gf material" since he knows you are capable of cheating on a bf.  

If that wasn't the case, then that says a lot about you.  Overlapping relationships is usually never a great idea, i.e. hopping from guy to guy without a break.  I would suggest you not be in any relationship at this time and focus on you and your life.....take a break from relationships.

Agree with SM as well.
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Hm, guessing you are fairly young?  

Relationships work like this . . .  you go on a date.  If you have fun, you go on another.  And then some more.  Until you are seeing each other regularly over time.  And THEN, you decide that you want to be in a relationship together.

You can't decide you want a relationship with someone before they've even asked you out hon.  And if you tell them that, unless he is really immature about things, you'll make him run for the hills.

Feelings and relationships are supposed to grow and when we expect them to be there right away, we put too much pressure on it and it fizzles out.  

So, slow yourself down and try not to desire a relationship so bad.  Learn to love being by yourself and have a boyfriend just to make things better . . .   not an essential part of things for you.  Because otherwise, you will go from one guy to the next without ever really taking time to find a quality guy to be with.  

You left the last guy when flirting with a new guy.  Probably neither guy was right for you and you were just needing a guy to be with.

So, if you DO like this guy, take it very slow and don't expect it to turn into a big relationship until you've dated a while (if he decides to ask you out.)
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