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Contraception advice

At present my boyfriend and I use condoms, and until recently we have taken a few risks during or immediately before/after my period and had unprotected sex (we are both STI  free).  I was never fully happy about this, (because getting pregnant scares me so much - I don't want children right now ) but for whatever reason I decided it would be OK.  However, lately I just got too scared, and yesterday after asking him to wear a condom, he was quite upset.  Not angry at me, just wanting to really feel being inside me.  I get it, when I was on the pill briefly, it was nice.

However, I don't want to be on the pill again, I don't like messing with my cycle, and I try to have as natural way of life as possible.  He has suggested to me about having the coil fitted (don't know what you call it in the States -IUD?) but I've read up on it and I don't think it's for me, says it's better for women who have already given birth.  I suffered for years, and still to some extent from vaginismus, with quite bad pain at the 'start' of intercourse.  And i just don't know about having some alien body inside of me.  Surely it can't be good for you?  The risks sound too high too, perforating the uterusreading too much into the warnings?..?!

Are there any more natural, less invasive ways, or am I

Anyway, if anyone has any advice for me I would really appreciate it.
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Well you may need to be a bit flexible w/ the natural route. I loooooved being on Depo Provera shots. I was on it for a few years into my 30's. It was so easy- a quick shot every 3 months. It cost me $50 at Planned Parenthood. I had no side effects besides no period (which I loved). It is a very effective method of birth control. I liked the convenience of not having to take a pill everyday (they made me nauseaus anyway) and having to buy them each month. As far as pregnancy, be aware (it states it in their literature) it may take 6mos- 12 mos to get a regular period back. When I did decide to get pregnant, I stopped the shot, got a period back w/in 5 mos. and was pregnant at my 'second' period. I thought that was wonderful!
One thing, though, is you MUST go the week you are scheduled (they'll tell you when to come back). If you miss it, you have to start all over as if it's brand new birth control (means taking a pregnancy test x 2 before they'll start the shots again).
Anyway, this was a fabulous method for me I would highly recommend.
And be careful, any unprotected sex could get you pregnant!  
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