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Could I get married to the same person twice in the UK, without getting a divorce?

In the UK, I know it's technically perjury to lie when they ask the question "are you currently married?".

But if I did lie and try to get married to the same person twice, would I get away with it?
Do they check records against other registry offices within the UK?

The reason I'm asking is: When we got married a few years ago, our parents did not approve, so we did it in secret. Nobody knows. Now they've come around to the idea, and we want to get married properly, again.

We need a real marriage certificate to show our parents afterwards. But apparently it's a slow, expensive process to get divorced. So we figured we could just get married again. It's hardly a crime as it's not to another person, it's to the same person. Would that work?
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Robert,  don't get divorced.  If you're trying to show your family that you're mature and ready to take on adult responsibilities,  getting a divorce just so you can remarry and show your parents a current certificate doesn't sound mature.  It sounds like you're a little boy trying to please your parents.

On an anniversary date,  throw a large party in a reception hall and invite your friends and family.  

I do have some experience with this situation.  My brother and his fiance were engaged to be married in June but they decided to go on their honeymoon the month before because that's when prices were cheaper.  ???  So my grandmother,  who was sharp-tongued,  said how stupid to put the cart before the horse like that.

So they secretly got married in the Spring,  told only her,  and went through the farce of the wedding in June.  I love my brother to death but still think that was a series of silly decisions that showed real immaturity.

Just own what you are.  A married couple who in fact,  were right about the two of you and your family was wrong.  And now it's time for a party.
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PERFECTLY said by Rose.  I couldn't agree more with her reply.

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Wow! Rose hit the nail on the head!
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"It's hardly a crime" - I quote You - and totally, that's true.

So why not just tell them the truth.  You are adults(?), so are They.  You are a mature(?) couple, making Your Own decisions, standing on Your Own two feet, walking in Your Own direction.  You no longer need parental approval/permission.  It's time for change.

I agree with RockRose that now it's time for a party to celebrate what's already done.

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