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So I didn’t know what forum to go to so here goes: I have a crush on a guy at my work place and sometimes it’s just simple things like I would daydream that he would stand next to me and talk to me and stuff like that, but I guess the question would be: would it be weird of me to write a story about me and him? Because I did actually dream about him and I kinda feel like a creep looking at him at work and he does know about my crush on him so......yeah. Anyone?
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So, did you just get out of your marriage like .  . . . yesterday?  Okay, not yesterday but just recently.  That will make any relationship you start now have a shallow foundation because you haven't processed your previous relationship.  Overlapping relationships usually means we make all the same mistakes we made previously.  To me, and I say this with kindness, you sound unhappy in general and a man is a band aid.  I work on you and fixing and improving your own self, do some self reflection,  find peace and happiness that doesn't require a man to be involved and you will be in a much stronger position to have a solid relationship down the road.  good luck
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If you are involved with anyone else, don't write the story. If you are not involved with anyone else, write it if you like, but change your name and his name and any other details that might identify your wish-fulfillment story as being about him. My guess is, a few paragraphs into it, you will feel like it's too foolish to continue, but who knows. Just don't commit to paper something that would embarrass you if it were printed in the employee newsletter.
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No I’m writing it for myself in my notebook. It’s not going to get published anywhere. But the involvement with someone else: yes and no. I’m married by law but I am getting a divorce and I have already filed the paperwork and he has been served the papers as well
If you are in the middle of a divorce, by no means write a story about a crush on someone else in your notebook. What if it got subpoenaed in your court proceedings? Sheez, you might wind up owing your husband for alienation of affections or something like that. It would look like you're having an affair.
We don’t live in the same house anymore. Actually we haven’t lived in the same house for a month
Take it from someone who has worked in a clinic where they handled divorces. Such a story, if written down, could be subpoenaed by his attorney, and used in court to imply you are having an affair. You are still married until the divorce is final. Write your story after the divorce is final, if you must write it.
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