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Date night! Stay in or go out?

When it is date night with your partner, what do you like to do?  Do you like to stay in (and what do you do, pg version please, ha ha) or do you prefer to go out (and what do you like to do)?  And does your partner agree or do you compromise and take turns?
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For me and my husband, well, we tried for years to have a child, and once he came, there went any interest on our part to leave him behind with a sitter and go out. Son is 13 now, so he can stay home alone sometimes, but it's not great to leave him alone in the evening. We did get out to a movie the other night because our son went to see my sister; things like that do happen. I suppose this sounds very unimaginative, but for years an years, every night was date night. It's not like we miss it, we had so much freedom to just lark around. (Knowing our beloved kid is at home and bored doesn't make it much fun to be out, either.) He'll be in college and gone in an eyeblink, and we know we'll miss him, so we're grabbing what we can get of family togetherness at this stage. As a couple, we do things in the day, like grocery shopping or having a late breakfast after he's off to school. (Wow, this sounds so dang dull, doesn't it? lol)
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I guess by the remark "it's not like we miss it, we had so much freedom to lark around," I meant, we had it for years and years and so don't seem to need it much at the moment. It will come back after we're empty nesters, and we'll like it again, I'm sure. But right now it just doesn't seem so important.
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The one routine we practice, which is important to us, is to set aside one night a week where we just stay in together.  For us, that's Saturday night (since my husband often travels during the week).  No matter how gracious an invitation, or how good the band playing down the street is, we don't go out nor do we invite anyone over.  

Sometimes that means we make time to fix a really nice dinner, and other times it means we order a pizza.  In the summer, we'll hang out in or next to the pool, and in cooler times, we'll watch a movie or binge-watch a Netflix or Hulu show.  It's not so much about what we do, as it is about having a  dedicated "just us" time.
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My husband and me are very much alike, so no reason to compromise. We usually will go buy a new movie or many new movies (4k, or used dvd) and some snacks. Then head home to have a movie night, during the winter this takes place with a fire. At rare times, we will go hiking, fishing, or just relax somewhere outdoors, but as we are getting older we have slowed down alot. Just like DominoSarah this is keeping it PG LOL.
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SeizureAdvocate, sounds like a good night to me.  You should get extra pts too for keeping it PG!  
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Does Menards qualify for date night?!!!   We dont usually go out on dates during the winter.  We enjoy just being home together with the music playing.  Summer is a different story.....  Concerts and motorcycles!!  Do i get extra pts for keeping it PG??
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