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Depressed and Heartbroken

I'm still depressed over my break up and its starting to worry people with how depressed i am its not getting much better and i feel lost i tryed writing how i feel down on paper and when my friends saw it they were freaked out i cant get over this girl i want her back so bad but im hurting to much and now shes upset because she hurt me so bad i dont know how i feel about her im so confused....
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My name is Hamed Khatiz and I am a sixteen year old student, writer, drummer, advice giver, friend and many more from Sydney, NSW. OK, two major things. One, your age. You are fourteen. Was the breakup brutal? I ask this because being fourteen means you have plenty of time to find a woman who would not even think about leaving you this way. That is the woman many people call "The One". You feel this way because you do not want to let go. The way you feel is normal. It does suck and if you have never felt this way before it can hit you like a tonne of bricks.

The second thing is your mates. You have a team of friends who are worried about you and are probably willing to do anything to have the real you back again and I say use them to your advantage. They love you. Talk about the situation with them and it is not just friends. People who have been through this before. How they got through it. Take notes because they are the ones who can get you through this. Inspiration comes from within but motivation comes from other people. Those people are your heroes and your way of feeling better.

The third thing is your condition. Please do not this situaiton be the end for you. Do not consider the worst of the worst (suicide). Over a million people commit suicide a year because of things like this. Dead love, break ups, people who are not the one. You will find the one and if you consider the worst they will be devastated because of it. The woman you love is out there watching you, waiting for the right moment to come into your life and please do not let this woman stop everything. Your name, your profile picture, the manner in which you wrote that question suggests to me that you are heavily low.

Utilise the skills and compassion of your friends and think about everything I said.

P.S. Mockingbird by Rob Thomas
On My Way by Boyce Avenue...

Two epic songs which reiterate that entire response....

Get back to me.

Hamed Khatiz
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i dont know why but i've always liked this girl the first time i saw her she didnt even notice me and i got a huge crush on her i dated her for 11months and i loved seeing her smile yes i have parents that would support me but i choose to ask my friends for help not that my parents are bad parents i'd just rather talk to my friends my friends are a  2nd family to me
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I am worried abt you 4 sum1 whu is 14 years yes it normal after brk up 2 b sad bcs if u rlly luv sum1 feeling dnt js dissapear over nyt I understand bt in dis matter u r da person whu can hlp ur slf no matter hw hard ppl can try bt at the end the decision is urs so do smtng abt dis b4 it get too worse
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I would be GREATLY worried myself,  over a 14 year old relative who couldn't get over a girlfriend.  This sounds like a very serious struggle,  much more than 14 year olds usually deal with.  

Do you have parents who support you?
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