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So i just over heard my daughters fathers family talking crap about me behind my back. Im living with them bc i really have no place to go and having a hard time finding a job. I dealt with depression before pregnancy for most my life. Its gotten worse during my pregnancy and my doc put me on anti depressants until my third trimester. How do i handle something like this? And these are people who i thought really cared about me.
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Either talk to ur boyfriend about it in ur own time and explain how it made u feel ... But just becuz u hear ur bfs family bitching about u doesn't mean they don't care people have opinions about others and at the end of the day they are human and I'm nearly certain people who love and care for me have bitched about me in their lives try not to take it to personally as u will upset urself ... They are proble just having a rant ... They most likely don't mean what they have said ... I'm sorry to hear u have had a hard time with depression I really hope u figure things out and get urself on the right track and find happiness
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well idk about but when i hear people talking **** on me....its normally always my mom but i call them/her out on it. if i were you i would have just walked in where they were and been like im sorry what was that? i personally would rather have people say stuff to my face so i can defend myself. but its up to you.
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See im the same way. But im not allowed to speak my mind here or i get yelled at. This is all about medicaid. I had to change my address with my doc. Well the doc office called medicaid and i live with ppl who are on it and they got a paper in the mail saying they are going to lose their food stamps. Well im bout to lose my medicaid and im pregnant and already am thousands of dollars in debt in hospital bills.  And i lost my food stamps. I just dont know what to do anymore. My boyfriend said hed figure out why they are talking crap behind my back. If i cant use the address i live at. Then what am i suppose to do?
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my mom had food stamps too....my name was under her food stamps but yet she would always be stingy with them...we had na agruement and she told me she would take my name ofd because she could get them without me....funny thing i got pregnant needed medicaid of course....and i had my own case got my mediciad and food stamps. and now she has none. i thought it was funny.

anyways. sometimes things with medicaid and food stamps happen. but to where your pregnant they should be more concered about you getting medicaid then them....i understand people need insurance but i mean things happen its not your fault how workforce works and if things get messed up. you should go in and reapply you should automatically get them because your pregnant. if its that big of a deal to them they can go re apply as well. idk how old you are but you living there shouldnt effect them because they arent even your family....but i could be wrong. im sorry....but dont let them stress you out. i would still say something to them because they shouldnt be so disrepectful to say **** behind your back. but i hope things work out.
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Id have to be with their food stamps. Which they wont even be living here much longer so im not doing tht. And im 20 years old. Youd think id be able to just have my own case but apparently not. Its all just so frustrating. I do everything for his family for them to just talk crap about me behind my back. I hate tht im so tender hearted!!!
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I would go to a womens shelter and they will help you with finding a job and housing. If they really cared they would tell you why they have a problem with you or if they have a problem with you. So yall can work through it as a family
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