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Do you believe that everyone deserves forgiveness?

Whoa, loaded question, I know.  But do you believe that everyone deserves forgiveness?
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For me, I know I do believe that everyone deserves forgiveness. But every now and then I can't be that forbearing. (For example, my uncle who was cruel to my nicest aunt, and who was an alcoholic.) I'm better at forgiving on my own behalf than on the behalf of someone I love who has been hurt.
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I know it is right to forgive.  But dang, hurt my kids and my heart grows cold.  Hard to EVER warm it back up again.  
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Forgiving someone is a hard thing to do but it does set us free.  We are in no way excusing their behavior or actions, it just allows us to not be tied with those angry feelings.

Mess with my family or animals?  You will never find the body~
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