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Fidelity and Sex

I love my wife but we have not had sex on years and neither of us really has a libido to speak of. We do enjoy cuddling and are very touchy throughout the day.  However I have found that my libido is quite strong when I travel.  Is this common?  We don't really speak about these things, which I'm sure is part of the issue.
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Take Your Wife with You when You travel - maybe You'll be content to cuddle some more - but with Her.  Or maybe traveling will increase Her libido - Problem solved.
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Hi, she was and has become your best friend and its not unsual for you to feel this way. Being with the same person for years can become a drudgery and most that are this way never really had a strong sex life from day one.

There was sex but not knock me to my knees attraction sex.
Just bare with these feelings and look at them as something from the world of temptation. Dont let this feeling of discontentment be a dominating in your life.
There are things that you can acquire that would outweigh any one night stand with a stranger and the quilt that would come along with it. If you find your mind wondering, focus on creating your own Patented product for the business world and become extremely rich!
I think if you start up the sex with her again the attraction should get stronger. Give it a try tonight!
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Do either you or your wife wish to work on you intimacy issues?  do you want to resolve this and have a sex life again with your wife?
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My husband and I are like that to a certain extent.  We do have sex at home,  but when we travel he's like,  white hot.  

I think in some primordial part of the brain,  your brain is telling you you're with a new woman.  Different bed,  an illusion of a different mate.  Anyway,  makes it exciting for us.  ;D
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I guess I didn't ask,  does this happen when you travel with your wife,  or alone?
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